The International Conference
"Problems of Thermal Physics and Power Engineering"
Moscow, Russia, October 9-11, 2017.

We are happy to invite you to participate in The International Conference "Problems of Thermal Physics and Power Engineering" (PTPPE-2017). The conference will be held at Moscow, Russia on October 9-11, 2017. The conference will take place in the National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" (NRU "MPEI")

The aim of the international conference "Problems of Thermal Physics and Power Engineering" is the presentation of current scientific achievements in the area of thermal physics and energy, and their introduction into the educational process.

Areas of the conference will be the following:

  • Hydrodynamics and
    Heat and mass transfer

  • Plasma and
    plasma technologies

  • Properties of working fluids and
    materials in power engineering

  • Actual problems of
    power engineering

  • Methodological aspects of teaching on thermal physics and
    energy science in university


The basis of the conference

The seminar of universities for Thermal Physics and Energy. The organizer is the Institute of Thermophysics SB RAS named S.S. Kutateladze. The first seminar of universities in Siberia and the Far East on thermal physics was held in Novosibirsk in 1978. Further seminars were conducted in scientific centers of Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, Barnaul, Irkutsk and other Russian cities. In 2015, a seminar was held in KSPEU, Kazan and acquired the status of an international conference.

The conference "Improving the efficiency, reliability and safety of energy equipment TPP and NPP", dedicated to the anniversary of the Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering Institute (ITNPE). The conference is held every five years and in 2017 dedicated to the 85th anniversary of ITNPE.

Scientific Committee


Leontiev A.I.


Deputy Chairman

Klimenko A.V.


The members of the Scientific Committee

Alifanov O.M., corresponding member of RAS
Andryushin A.V., professor
Batenin V.M., corresponding member of RAS
Dragunov Y.G., corresponding member of RAS
Volkov E.P., academician
Gabaraev B.A., professor
Garimella S., professor, USA
Garyaev A.B., professor
Gortyshev Y.F., professor
Gurke S., USA
He S., professor, UK
Hyv?rinen J., professor, Finland
Derevich I.V., professor
Dmitriev A.S., professor
Zeigarnik Y.A., professor
Isaev S.A., professor
Il'gisonis V.I., professor
Jiang P.X., professor, China
Kartashov E.M., professor
Klimenko V.V., corresponding member of RAS
Komov A.T., professor
Kretzschmar H.-J., professor, Germany
Kryukov A.P., professor
Markovich D.M., corresponding member of RAS
Mil’man O.O., professor
Mironov S.V., professor
Mitrofanova O.V., professor
Myakochin A.S., professor
Nakoryakov V.E., academician
Olkhovskiy G.G., corresponding member of RAS
Pavlenko A.N., corresponding member of RAS
Pavlyukevich N.V., corresponding member of NASB
Piralishvili S.A., professor
Parfenov Y.V., professor
Pokusaev B.G., corresponding member of RAS
Popel O.S., professor
Popov I.A., professor
Puzach S.V., professor
Romannikov A.N., professor
Sapozhnikov S.Z., professor
Sviridov V.G., professor
Sinkevich O.A., professor
Smirnov E.M., professor
Son E.E., academician
Sukhikh A.A., professor
Sychev V.V., professor
Terekhov V.I., professor
Thome John R., professor, Switzerland
Khalatov A.A., academician of the NAS of Ukraine
Khvesyuk V.I., professor
Shabarov A.B., professor
Sharkov A.V., professor
Yagov V.V., professor
Yan’kov G.G., professor

Organizing Committee

The Co-Chairs

Alekseenko S.V.


Rogalev N.D.


Members of the organizing committee

Gerasimov D.N., professor
Dedov A.V., corresponding member of RAS
Kuzma-Kichta Y.A., professor
Kuybin P.A., professor
Ochkov V.F., professor
Scientific Secretary Smorchkova Y.V.
Conference Secretary Stenina N.A.

Important dates of the conference.


submission of abstracts (up to 250 words) in English.


notice authors of abstract acceptance.


presentation of the texts of reports in the final version.


the beginning of the conference.

Conference languages - English and Russian.

Website –

Rules for writing abstracts and reports will be presented in the second announcement and posted on the conference website in November 2016. Abstracts and texts of reports should be uploaded on the conference website in the personal area (access will be opened in November 2016). Conference papers will be published in the journal indexed in WoS. The amount of the registration fee for participation in the conference of 3000 RUR. (Includes costs of publication of the report and handouts).

All conference participants will enjoy a warm welcome and meeting with friends and colleagues in the NRU "MPEI"!

Our partners

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

The Russian Academy of Sciences

National Committee for Heat and Mass Transfer


National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”

The Institute of Thermophysics SB RAS named S.S. Kutateladze


ТеплоэрнергетикаInformation partners of the conference has a leading Russian journal " Thermal Engineering". Reports of the scientific committee which will select and which will be reviewed in the journal will be published in a special issue.